A New Orleans guide for the best and coolest Bars

People are planning with their friends and families to start visiting Bars in the New Orleans. But they often get confused as there are a number of bars present in the region and there are many ways which make each one of them different from one another. Some of them would be providing a new and authentic taste of Cocktails, while the others may even provide you with some new dishes and have a good variety in Cocktails. Many people would be thinking that why the bars in New Orleans are more popular than the bars of any other region.

The main reason behind the same is that the New Orleans is having the highest per capita bars all over the world. This means that there are a number of bars present in the region and all of them are top rated. It even confuses the people regarding which Bar they should try out. If you are also having the same confusion then it can be sorted out here as we have discussed about the best and coolest bars which can be found in the New Orleans. The bars would be discussed depending upon the reviews they have received on the Internet.

Pal’s Lounge

It is probably the best lounge in the region which people would be able to find. There are various lounges present all over the country but this lounge is a lot different from all of them. This lounge has a whole different variety of dishes and cocktails and drinks which cannot be found in any other region of the entire country. And all the dishes and drinks offered by them are worth trying. If you have tried this lounge, you definitely won’t be dissatisfied by their services.

Kermit’s Treme Mother-in-Law Lounge

This is probably one of the oldest lounges which you would be able to find in the entire region. It has been established by a local musician named Ernie and he named this lounge after his number one hit song, Mother in law. He released this song in the year 1961 and it became an instant hit of that time. Seeing the popularity of his song, he decided to establish a lounge in the city named after the same. Kermit is present in this lounge and he daily performs his music arts over here which attracts many people.

Finn McCool’s Irish Pub

This pub was first established during the year 2002 and it was founded by Pauline and Stephen Patterson. As the name suggests, this lounge follows the exterior and interior designs like that which can be found in the Irish regions. This is a new concept for the people in the New Orleans due to which this lounge gained popularity. Along with that, there are also a number of dishes and drinks in this lounge which have been brought from the Irish region.

Twelve Mile Limit

This lounge is also unique like it’s name and it should not be mistaken by the look of it’s exterior. The exterior of this lounge is not as attractive as the others but when you would be having a look at the interior of the same, there are chances that you might even forget about the other lounges present in the city. The quality of food and drinks which they provide are difficult to be found in the other lounges present in the city. This is the reason why this lounge is way too popular in the New Orleans these days.

Markey’s Bar

Established in the 1950s, this bar is considered to be among the oldest bars present in the New Orleans. It was established at that time by the Markey’s family and since then the family has been working for generations to ensure that the bar is active and people are visiting it frequently. The best part about this bar is that they have never compromised with the quality since it has been established.

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