5 New Orleans Clubs you should check out

Are you also looking forward to spending your weekends at the clubs in New Orleans? But you might be confused as there are many clubs present in the city. This makes it confusing and difficult both as the people would not be able to try out all of them at once. It is necessary to know which one of them is better than the others so that their visit to that particular club is worth it. Here we are having a look at the best clubs which have been top rated on various sites. It should be noted that the reviews are subjected to the opinions of the author.

We are covering the top 5 clubs in the New Orleans which should be checked out. All of these clubs have good average ratings due to which customers mostly prefer visiting them for their fun times and enjoying with friends and families. These clubs are different from each other in many aspects and there are many reasons why visiting each one of them would be worth it. The best clubs in New Orleans are as follows-

Masquerade Nightclub

It is the highest rated clubs in the region and the best place for the teenagers to visit. There are many things which they would be able to enjoy here as they even provide top quality food items over here. The interior design of this club makes it way too unique than the others and you would be able to get a pure DJ vibe during the night times as it has whole dance type interior designs. Along with that, there is a different section for the drinks which you would be able to enjoy when you have visited with your friends.

Club Caribbean

As the name suggests, this club is inspired by the Caribbean clubs and this is the main reason why people find it more interesting visiting this club. This club would be providing an authentic taste of food and dishes which cannot be found anywhere else. There is a whole different variety of food available at this place which makes it different from the other clubs. It has the same variety of drinks with some new added to the list recently according to the Caribbean theme. If you are looking to visit for a family dinner, then this is the best place.

Razzoo Bar and Patio

There are a number of things due to which this bar should be on your list for the next weekend. It has a fire fountain which entertains the crowd present over there. The best part about this club is that all the time it is having some active deals for the drinks. The deals change from time to time so that the crowd is able to enjoy all of them. You can even check out which drinks they provide the deals in before the time runs out and the deals change from one drinks section to the other at frequent intervals. It even has an outdoor area where you would be able to enjoy your drinks.

Bourbon Pub Parade

This club is located in the Bourbon Street and it is of two floors to tolerate a good amount of crowd at the place. All the time, the music is up at this place so that the energy levels of the crowd does not go down. The drinks offered at this place are having good quality and the rates are comparatively lower than the other pubs present in the region.

Ohm Lounge

This is the best lounge for those who want to enjoy their weekends at some events. It has a special event every weekend and people would be able to enjoy the same. They provide a good variety of drinks which the people would be able to try on. Along with that, they have never disappointed their customers when it comes to the food items.

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