Top 10 Cocktail Bars in New Orleans

Have you been looking for Cocktail bars in the city of New Orleans? If yes, then your search ends here as we would be having a look at the ten best Cocktail Bars in the New Orleans. There are a number of lounges present in the city which often confuses the people regarding which one they should visit for the best Cocktail bars. So, to solve this problem, we have prepared a list for the best Cocktail Bars in the New Orleans. The best Cocktail bars are as follows-

Belle Epoque

Belle Epoque is the best place to give you the taste of the most premium Cocktail Bars in the region. They have received a good amount of average ratings which made them number one. It is located in the French Quarter of the city and there are a variety of Cocktails which you would be able to enjoy in this bar.


Like Belle Epoque, this Cocktail bar is also located in the French Quarter. Due to this reason, there always remains a tough competition between these two. The best part about this bar is that it is of two-story and can occupy a big crowd. It would also be providing the Carribean flair to the people visiting the same which is definitely a new variety.

Elysian Bar

As the name suggests, this bar is way too luxurious. It is attached to a former Catholic church and school due to which it attracts many new visitors everyday. This Cocktail bar has a great and luxurious interior with rich colors at every corner. They also provide immense flavors for their cocktails due to which it has been rated great.

Bar Marilou

This is another popular Cocktail bar which is also established in Paris. The developers of this Bar had decided to expand their branches to various regions due to which this Bar is now also available in the New Orleans. As we said that it was first established in Paris, this Bar follows the European interior which makes it unique than the others.

Jewel of the South

This Bar is also present in the French Quarter due to which French Quarter is now being called the best place for those who want to have Cocktails. The bar has introduced a new Cocktail for the people of the Orleans which is named as Brandy Crusta. The owners of this place partnered with the local cocktail masters to make it a success.

Espíritu Mezcaleria

The Espíritu Mezcaleria bar is located in the Warehouse district region of New Orleans. It provides an authentic taste of Cocktails which is difficult to be found anywhere else in the region. They also have a wide variety and some of them are even unheard for most of the people who are new to the Cocktail bars or visited first time.

Seven Three Distilling

It is located in the Treme region of the New Orleans and has been one of the oldest Cocktail bars in the region. The drinks of this region have been named after all the 73 neighborhoods of this place. Due to this reason, people even prefer visiting here often.

Henry’s Gin Bar

This bar has been named after Henry Ramos who had a major hand in the establishment of the same. It is located in the CBD region and as the name suggests, this bar mainly focuses on the Gin based drinks.


If you want to get some Asian flavours along with the Cocktails, then it is highly recommended to visit this bar in the Warehouse District. It would be providing you with authentic flavours of Asian dishes which are popular.


This bar is located in the Lower Garden District of the region. If you want to have a family dinner, you can go downstairs for the dining section. And if you want to have Cocktails, then you can go upstair for the Bar section.

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