9 Basic rules for Blackjack Online

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games all over the world. This game has a lot of people playing it in both online and offline modes and making money every day. If you are also looking forward to start playing Blackjack then you have definitely landed at the right place. Here we are having a look at some basic rules of Blackjack. Also, if you are new to Blackjack, these rules will help you to become a professional as soon as possible. The rules are as follows-

●    Main Game rule

First we would be having a look at the main rule of the game. The main rule says that the players should bet against the dealer to get their hands on the money. But the number which they’ll get should be close to 21 to ensure that they have high chances of winning. Also, the number should not go over 21.

●    Cards Rank

It is important for the players to know about how the cards are ranked in this game. In Blackjack, all the number cards are ranked from 2-10 having their value as their number. The face cards are having a value of 10 and Aces are having the value of either 1 or 11 depending upon their advantages.

●    Dealing

Let us have a look at the dealing process. The dealer first shuffles the cards and distributes it to the players and himself. The card deck is first cut by a random player selected by the dealer. Then only the cards are being distributed. And then the betting process goes on and the dealer also gives one card face up to the players.

●    Win

The players would be able to win only when their number is more close to 21 as compared to the dealer. If the players have won then the amount which they will receive would be 1.5 times more than what they have bet against the dealer.

●    Losing

In case the players do not have numbers close to 21 as compared to the dealer, the players would lose the round and also they will lose all the amount which they have bet. Another case of losing is when the player get number above 21, it would be declared as bust and they will lose also in this case.

●    Pushing or Draw

There also comes a situation when the numbers of the players are equal to that of the dealer. It is a very rare situation but in this situation, the players and the dealer both would neither win nor lose anything. Therefore, such rounds are also considered as a draw as none of the parties win.

●    Hitting

When the players are in need to increase their cards by getting an additional card from the deck, they can even choose for the Hit option. It would be able to help them get an additional card from the dealer. For hitting, the players would just have to hit the table or tap it with their hands. This would reward them with an additional card which might increase their chances of winning.

●    Standing

In case the player is satisfied with the number of cards which he is having, he can even decide to keep the original cards by standing. For this, the player would just have to wave their hands on their deck of cards and it would also let the dealer know that the specific player does not require an additional card.

●    Splitting

There are some situations when the players would be getting a pair card. In this situation, the players might even choose to split their cards and when they decide to do the same, they get two individual hands for that round. The dealer also provides them with two additional cards to complete the hands and then they would have to play the same bet which they did for the first hand.

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